Radar Information
Radar name Kankaanpaa Country 246 - Finland
WSI code 0-21010-0-815 Station operating status Non-reporting
Supervising organization Station Type Land (fixed)
Installation date 2022-06-14 Region of origin of data Europe
Latitude Longitude
Elevation Tower height
Owner name Manufacturer
Time zone Spatial extent Volume
Communication method Frequency Band
Frequency Beam width
Peak power Pulse width 1-2-3-4         
Pulse repetation frequency min Pulse repetation frequency max
Signal processor TX/RX type   
Polarization Lowest & Highest angle   
Task cycle time min Task cycle time max
Minimum detectable signal of the receiver (DBM) Minimum detectable signal of the receiver (DBZ)
Summer reflectivity [Z-R]    Status of Observation
Winter reflectivity [Z-R]    Sampling strategy
Other reflectivity [Z-R]    Instrument Status
Level Of Data Reference time
Schedule of international exchange
Local Web Url
Radar Data Exchange (Organizations)
Organization Name Data Format
Products Composite Software
Radar Data Exchange (Bilateral)
Binary Format Binary Products
Radar Data Dissemination
Data Format Products

Location & Media