Radar Information
Radar name Dwsr-8501 Country 591 - Panama
WSI code 0-21010-0-114 Station operating status Operational
Supervising organization Hidrometeorología Station Type Land (fixed)
Installation date 2013-03-14 Region of origin of data North America
Latitude 8.9778 Longitude -79.5656
Elevation 899m Tower height 83
Owner name Manufacturer EEC (Enterprise Electronics Corporation)
Time zone America/Panama Spatial extent Volume
Communication method Frequency Band S
Frequency 2740 Beam width 1.85
Peak power Pulse width 1-2-3-4 0.80    2.00      
Pulse repetation frequency min 250 Pulse repetation frequency max 934
Signal processor NDRX TX/RX type Magnetron    D
Polarization S Lowest & Highest angle -2.0    90.00
Task cycle time min 1.0 Task cycle time max
Minimum detectable signal of the receiver (DBM) -108 Minimum detectable signal of the receiver (DBZ)
Summer reflectivity [Z-R]    Status of Observation
Winter reflectivity [Z-R]    Sampling strategy continuous
Other reflectivity [Z-R]    Instrument Status
Level Of Data Reference time
Schedule of international exchange 0
Local Web Url http://www.pancanal.com/eng/eie/radar/movie.html
Radar Data Exchange (Organizations)
Organization Name Data Format
Products Composite Software
Radar Data Exchange (Bilateral)
Binary Format Binary Products
Radar Data Dissemination
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